Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Sway me More!

When marimba rhythms start to play

Dance with me, make me sway

Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore

Hold me close, sway me more



Like a flower bending in the breeze

Bend with me, sway with ease

When we dance you have a way with me

Stay with me, sway with me



Other dancers may be on the floor

Dear, but my eyes will see only you

Only you have the magic technique

When we sway I go weak



I can hear the sounds of violins

Long before it begins

Make me thrill as only you know how

Sway me smooth, sway me now



Download: Michael Bubble's SwaY

Download: Dean Martin's SwAy

Download: PussyCat Doll's SwaY



HafSSa said...

يا عم الروقان
روقتيلي بالي روحي ربنا يكرمك
و التلات نسخ كمان
ايه ده كله ايه ده كله

قبلاتشي و تحياتشي

يَحيى المِصري said...


بصراحة أنا ماليش في الأجنبي أوي بس بتاعة عمك الحاج مايكل بابل دي هي اأكتر واحدة عجبتني فيهم


Anonymous said...

دلع بقي

انا بمووووووووووت في بتاعة
bubble :)